M A K I N G   O N L I N E   R A D I O   L O C A L  

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AhMuse Industry Broadcasting Network


AIBN is an online radio broadcasting network created and positioned to serve localized communities with music, news and information.




AIBN Media LLC, is a digital marketing and advertising agency, with a unique network of online radio stations, designed to use Internet technology to strengthen and unify a cultural bond between local businesses, local government, local news,  local recording artist and the citizens living in their surrounding communities.



We at AIBN believe that radio is a localized application and should remain that way. Many people tend to automatically frame the Internet as a “global network,” which it is; however, we believe that when it comes to the application of radio, localization is the key.




AIBN is poised to become a champion for making meaningful connections; between local business, government, news, music, culture and the community. In a time where most of humanity is experiencing financial plight; a bridge is needed to reestablish the human connection. That bridge is now built and ready to connect the world; one community at a time. AIBN Radio, is positioned to make a positive and beneficial impact in; and around the world!


The small business sector is the backbone of American capitalism, and the majority of small businesses struggle to stay alive. One of the biggest barriers confronting small businesses is the lack of marketing and advertising funds; and with advertising rates as low as  1 cent per listener, AIBN realized the opportunity for small businesses to benefit from “localized” Internet radio marketing and advertising. This is possible because the overhead for an online radio station is much less than that of a terrestrial station!